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Nherizu's Fanfiction and Fanart

Disclaimer: these fanworks below are based on characters and situations created and owned by the respective authors/artists and publishers. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

Transformative Works Policy: Please let me know first if you want to create podfic, translation, remix, fanvid, fanart, or doujinshi. I will 99,9% say yes, I just want to know about you and which of my works you're interested in. If you want to surprise me, you don't need to ask beforehand, though. I love surprises! Letting me know afterwards is fine. Also, please put a link back to my work, and drop me a link to your work. I'll add it to the list on my Livejournal so readers will know where to find your work. :)

Links below are from LJ, Ao3 and FFn (you can find all of my fanfiction and fanart here on LJ if you browse my tags, but sometimes I revise my stories, and the latest versions are usually on Ao3 or FFn).


The Well - Levi/Eren (PG-13) - complete

There was a legend about the well in the garden. They said it would grant wishes, but not for free. They said it would ask for your soul, in return for every wish it granted.

Tetsuya's Light - Akashi/Kuroko (PG-13) - complete

When Akashi found out about Tetsuya's talent, it was as if Tetsuya had found his light.

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows (5)


Feather Light - Harry/Draco (PG) - complete

“It’s not the right time for petty fights,” Malfoy said. “It’s about time we analyse the situation.” He drew his knees up and gathered them inside his arms. “This isn’t just an ordinary place. I’m willing to bet that we’re not in Norway despite the Aurora.” Written for hd_remix 2015. Remix of Two Sides of the Same Coin by primea.

The Book of True Love - Draco/Hermione (PG) - complete

Hermione just wants to make sure her heart doesn't desire him. After all, he is the boy she's supposed to hate. But when the book shows her a portrait of someone else, she has to draw a different conclusion.

The Dangers of Trusting a Slytherin Son (and His Gryffindor Friend) - Harry/Draco, Scorpius/Albus Severus (NC-17) - complete

So his son wants him to get along with Potter, fine. Draco can do that (only in front of Scorpius). When Scorpius asks him to watch a film with Potter, however, Draco starts to think that maybe his son is the devil incarnate.

30 Days of Reasons for Tomorrow - Harry/Draco (NC-17) - complete

Harry’s life after the war is far from what people expect, but no one really knows about it except Malfoy. Now Harry has to continue pushing Malfoy away to keep his life on track—or maybe he just needs to learn to accept the fact that there are still things worth fighting for. Written for hd_erised 2013.

And the Clock Keeps Ticking - Harry/Draco (NC-17) - complete

Harry Potter knows three things. One, Voldemort can still cause chaos even after his death. Two, Draco Malfoy is one of the last two missing survivors. Three, Harry’s creepy dreams every night are the only key to finding Malfoy. And yet . . . maybe Harry shouldn’t be so sure, for the truth about Malfoy is not what he thinks it is. Written for hd_fan_fair 2013.

When the Songbird Stopped Singing - Harry/Draco (R) - complete

Shortly after the war, Draco Malfoy wakes up with a new understanding, and Harry Potter needs firmer ground to walk on. Unfortunately, life is never easy, especially with the burdens of N.E.W.T.s looming closer. As Draco struggles to maintain his sanity, Harry is back to his old routine—stalking Draco. Written for hd_smoochfest 2013.


Feather Light - Harry/Draco (PG)

The artwork for Feather Light (fanfiction).

Shut Up and Kiss Me Now - Harry/Draco (PG-13)

"Merlin, Draco. Can you just—shut up?" ~ a gift for gracerene.

The Gift that Keeps Giving - Harry/Draco (NC-17)

Harry wakes up and realises it’s June 5 ... for the third time. But that's not so bad, really. Because June 5 is Draco’s birthday, and Harry wanted to give Draco the best gift ever. Well, now he can—three times—or maybe four! ~drawn for dracotops_harry fest 2014.

Kiss Kiss Kiss - Harry/Draco (PG-13)

Harry drinks the wrong potion, but Draco kind of loves the result.

one piece


And the Days Gone By - Zorro/Sanji (PG-13)

"How do you know when it's over?"



A New Game in Town - Shizuo/Izaya (PG-13)

Heiwajima Shizuo knows his life won't be the same again after that kiss—the one that has been sneakily stolen from him. But it is too late, nothing he can do to get rid of Orihara Izaya's existence from his head. If anything, succumbing to the sinful attraction may be the best choice. But of course Izaya won't let it happen so easily.


Listen to the Rhythm of the War - Gen, slight Yullen if you squint (PG-13) - complete

The song of war. The song of tears and struggles and hopes. Allen just wants to stop hearing them. He can’t, though.

Dango and Dormitory - Kanda/Allen (PG-13) - complete

Allen confronts Kanda, and Kanda retaliates in a way that makes Allen (or his belly) happy.

Questions of a Lost Soul - Lavi/Allen (PG-13) - complete

When Allen looks into the crystal ball, he's supposed to see his greatest fear. What he really sees is something that catches him off guard.

To Touch the Rain - Kanda/Allen (PG-13) - complete

Allen hates the rain. Nothing good happens every time it starts falling—he has proven it all his life. Kanda, too, hates the rain. But he despises it more whenever Allen decides to hide under his blankets.

Chasing the Unknown - Kanda/Allen (PG-13) - complete

Kanda notices there is always something different in the air whenever Allen is around. It mingles with the scent of dry summer breeze, forcing him to sniff in bewilderment. But little does he know, that he is one step closer to the point of no return.

Beneath the Fading Light - Kanda + Allen + Johnny (PG-13) - complete

Allen knows it is a losing battle the moment Mana enters his dream. But Kanda is determined to pull him out of his sleep and get things back to normal, no matter how hard it seems. -Based on Chapter 212-

Accidental Romance - Kanda/Allen/Kanda (PG-15) - complete

It all starts with a simple, accidental touch of two parted lips; teeth smashing and tongues finding one another's presence unexpectedly. But Allen will survive. Or so he hoped. Yullen Week 2011: Touch.

A Tale of Flimsy Threads - Kanda/Allen/Kanda (PG-15) - complete

Sometimes leaving everything behind to start a new life might be the best choice. But as he watched those slender fingers fiddling with the white papers, Allen realized not every story could be found in a book. Yullen Week 2011: Fingertips.

Candied Overture - Kanda/Allen/Kanda (PG-13) - complete

Allen has a new habit—one that can help him during missions and make his friends happy. But Kanda just doesn't want to accept it that easy.

Anchorage - Kanda/Allen/Kanda (R-16) - complete

It all started automatically that Allen wasn't even sure how—and why. But Kanda was here, watching everything with him, as the world had started to engrave the secret history of humanity.

The Burnt Rose Cross (Chapter #1) - Kanda + Allen + all characters (R-16)

The moment Allen opened his eyes again, he was no longer in his prison. Something had happened that night—yet Allen couldn't recall a thing but the fact that now, his head was wanted, and that strangely Kanda was the one who helped him. Based on Chapter 203.

The Burnt Rose Cross: Reflection (PG-13) - complete

Perhaps the one who understood Allen best was Kanda, and vice versa (the 1st extra of The Burnt Rose Cross' chapter 1).

The Burnt Rose Cross: Bites of Visions (PG-13) - complete

Allen woke up from his restless sleep to realize that—yes, he was in Matell now, somehow, and Kanda was with him, willing him to wake up, only to throw something at his still rather disoriented self (the 2nd Extra of The Burnt Rose Cross' chapter 1, written by a1y_puff ).

Virtual Reality (Part #1) - Kanda/Allen (PG-13)

Kanda Yu finds a new routine aside from buying a stack of figurines and queuing to get the newest games; it is something involving a boy with an old-man hair, who insists to call him Young Master—to Kanda's absolute dismay. Yullen Week 2010: Game.

Vermilion Kaleidoscope - Kanda/ Allen (R-16) - complete

The world once died; now everything is like a circle, replaying the old times, back to the ancient cultures. Allen Walker, a foreign male courtesan, must serve a cocky Japanese-faced-westerner Kanda Yu in the Japanese red district. Yullen Week 2010: Carnival.

Shattered Fractions - Kanda/Allen (R-16) - complete

Allen is there again, observing Kanda, and being ignored as if he were an insect. But he is there for his sake, for Kanda's sake. For reasons only the both of them know of. Yullen Week 2010: Yearn.


Accidental Romance - Kanda/Allen (PG-13)

Allen kisses Kanda.


Ethereal Threads of Fate - France + Italy, Germany/Italy, HRE/Chibitalia (R-16) - complete

When he tells Italy about Holy Roman Empire's dissolution, France doesn't expect to see what he sees. He is responsible for it, France knows, yet Italy says it isn't France's fault. But does he really mean it? (Kink Meme de-anon).


Shades of Eternity - Shinou/Murata, Shinou/Daikenja (PG-13) - complete

-"You can go now. Go... Go to your new King's place."- Murata Ken had predicted, that Shinou would say those words the moment they first met. He could resist it—the pain in his chest. Meeting his own past self, however, was something he had never expected to happen... - help_japan fic-

Learning The Verity #1-7. (PG-13)

Does Wolfram really love Yuuri like he always says? Yuuri falls into confusion as he learns the truth about Wolfram, and also, about someone behind the disaster that endangers his kingdom and his own life. Yuuri/Wolfram/Yuuri.

Eternal Vows - Yuuri/Wolfram/Yuuri (PG-13) - complete

The huge door opens. Holding his breath, Yuuri is enthralled by Wolfram's charm. While Wolfram steadily walks forward, Yuuri nervously waits at the altar. Yes..., Yuuri smiles. Today is his happy day... Or is it?

The Touch of Butterflies - Conrart/Yuuri, Yuuri/Wolfram/Yuuri (PG-13) - complete

Conrart has somekind of connections with butterflies. His life and feelings are surprisingly close to the fragile insects. His desire, his agonies, even his privilege as the Maou's godfather are all about butterflies.

Eternal - Under the Old Tree - Shinou/Daikenja (PG-13)

-"Are memories so important, dark one?"- the question is slipped from Shinou's lips; as the answer from Daikenja is something that will change the dark one's life forever: "I noticed how important they were the moment I lost them."

Once Upon A Star - Various Pairings (mainly Yuuram/Wolfyuu) (PG-13) - complete

Murata tells a legend of The Wishing Christmas Tree Star. Yuuri, Wolfram, Conrart, Gwendal, Gunter, Anissina and Josak, compete to be the first one to get the star. Will everything be alright? What are their wishes?

Wolfram's Day - Wolfram/Yuuri/Wolfram (PG-13) - complete

Wolfram only needs one thing from Yuuri to help him pass through his everyday life, even in the worst day like today.

Reach - Wolfram/Yuuri/Wolfram (PG-13) - complete

A one-hundred words drabble to describe their bond. From Yuuri's insecurity to Wolfram's will to wait. It's just too close for him to realize. Too close that he only needs time...


And Adult Version of Wolfram von Bielefeld (PG-13)

Title is self-explanatory. :)


Welcome to Starry Night Hall - Ryoutaro/Len (PG-13) - complete

Ryoutaro is quite content with his life and job in Frankfurt, until one day Tsukimori Len comes to Sternennachthalle.

Dream Melodies - Ryoutaro/Kahoko (PG-13) - complete

Romance isn't all about legends, miracles or first loves. If anything, it's harder than meets the eye. But Kahoko knows her life is much better that way.

A Step for Andante - Ryoutaro/Len/Ryoutaro (PG-13)

When Ryoutaro is on the verge of tearing his hair out, unable to decide whether he should offer his help or just let Len fall from being a top rank soloist, he realizes that things may not be so simple between them.

The Green Azure - Opus #1 Delusion - Ryoutaro/Len/Ryoutaro (R-16)

Inside the dark practice room, there are two youths standing face to face in silence. – "You're cruel, Tsukimori."

The Green Azure - Opus #2 Aversion - Ryoutaro/Len/Ryoutaro (R-16)

Ryoutaro hates many things, and Len could only make things worse.

Promise - Len/Kahoko (PG-13) - complete

-"Tsukimori-kun... If you have holidays, will you come to see me?"- This is a story about a red-haired girl and a blue-haired boy, declaring a promise which will change the boy's life forever...

Where I Belong - Len/Kahoko (PG-13) - complete

-"Where am I...?"- She wakes up in a totally different place, alone with the mysterious blue-haired lad. -Not an AU-

Everlasting Vows - Len/Kahoko (PG-13) - complete

The huge door opens. Holding his breath, Len is enthralled by her beauty. While her white gown swinging along her walk towards him, he anxiously waits for the upcoming bride. Yes..., he smiles. It is supposedly his happy day..., or is it...?

Mission: Get Kahoko! - Prologue, #1, #2, #3, #4. (PG-13)

Who loves Hino Kahoko? Len and Ryoutaro do. Now their mission is to knock all possible threats down and claim Kahoko as theirs. Correct that. To claim Kahoko as Len's. No, as Ryou's... Wait, who do you think will get Kahoko? Co-written with yuliyudo.

Symphony of Pleasures - Prologue, #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6. (R-18)

Ten unforgettable adventures in ten different places with ten handsome men and their unique personalities and skills. Who could resist to the temptations of these promised pleasures? Co-written with yuliyudo.

From Dusk Until Dawn #1 (PG-13)

Lili makes Len and Ryoutaro stuck to each other's bodies. Now they must spend their time together to fight, snap, and know each other more, including their feelings to Kahoko. Last but not least, to find the truth about Hate, Friendship, Love, and Life.

Countless Nightmares - Prologue, #1, #2 (PG-13)

All Corda boys and girls are going to a trip. But when they realizes that they are lost, there is no turning back. The blood, the screams, the house, the village...and their nightmares... -Kaho x All boys-

What Love Can Do - Prologue, #1 (R-16)

-"Len, I'm having Ryoutaro's child."- The short sentence from Kahoko's lips is enough to ruin everything in their life. Love, friendship, and future. As they fall into the deepest despair, what do you think love can do for the three of them? -LenxKahoko / RyoutaroxKahoko-

End of Waltz - Len's Side (R-16) - complete

At the peak of his career, Len loses his ability as a violinist. The only thing he has left are his lover Kahoko, and his ex-enemy Ryoutaro. But the waltz that night changes everything... -Len x Kahoko / Ryoutaro x Kahoko-

End of Waltz - Ryoutaro's Side (R-16) - complete

The girl he loves the most is his best friend's—before he shamefully ruins everything. -Ryoutaro x Kahoko / Len x Kahoko-

A Special Day (PG-13) - complete

Today is a very special day for everyone in this world. Follow Kahoko's journey in this very special day with every boy including Hihara, Tsuchiura, Tsukimori, Yunoki, shimizu and Kaji. What special day is it?

Somewhere Deep Within My Heart #1, #2, #3, #4 (PG-13)

When fate and love are combined into one of the biggest part of Kahoko's life, will her tears ever enough? Will her screams ever enough? Will Len and Ryoutaro make her happy? Or will they make her fall even deeper into despair? -LenxKahoko / RyoutaroxKahoko-

Concour's Cooking Class - Prologue, #1 (PG-13)

Hamai Misa has an evil plan. She forces Len to attend a cooking class, together with the other concour participants. Everybody knows that Len can't cook, but... How about Azuma, Kazuki, Ryoutarou, and Keiichi? What will happen? Disaster... For sure.

Searching For You #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8 (PG-13)

Hino becomes a ghost? But how about the violin romance? And why is Tsukimori sleeping on the floor, naked...? Something to do with the ghost, perhaps? -Len/Kahoko-

Contest Banners and Other Achievements

Other Achievements:

- Everlasting Vows: 1st place, Most Tear Jerking Fanfiction, April 2011
- Where I belong: 2nd place - Most Tear Jerking Fanfiction, April 2011
- Learning the Verity was nominated in UFO Awards 2010. Although the site is abandoned now, I'm still happy. :3

Translation, Insert, Podfic, AMV and Fanart:

I apologise, ever since my computer died on me, I lost a good deal of bookmarks and files, so this list is incomplete. If you're one of the creators of fanart and videos which links I lost, please contact me.

- firethesound wrote a remix for And the Clock Keeps Ticking. Read it here: Pieces Left Incomplete.

- The Dangers of Trusting a Slytherin Son has been translated to Vietnamese by tsunatora.

- There's a podfic for The Dangers of Trusting a Slytherin Son (and His Gryffindor Friend) by mab.

- Vermilion Kaleidoscope has been translated to Vietnamese by phieubong.

- A Tale of Flimsy Threads has been translated to Vietnamese by assscrew28.

- Candied Overture has been translated to Vietnamese by tlinh.

- Ppdm made this awesome fanart for End of Waltz: Ryoutaro.

- Zuza chan gave me this cute fanart for Vermilion Kaleidoscope.

- a1y-puff made a remix for The Burnt Rose Cross chapter 1.

- Arciam posted this AMV, which was inspired by Shades of Eternity.

- I found this fanart of Vermilion Kaleidoscope on tumblr ^^

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