Nel (nherizu) wrote,

A Love Letter for Gracerene!

Dear gracerene,

You're such a lovely person, I'm really, really glad to have known you. You make fandom such an amazing place with all of your recs, your posts, your comments, everything! I know I'm not good at commenting, but I never miss reading your posts. I love the way you make people smile, and how you care about each of your lj friends. I adore you, girl! You inspire me, and I wish to know you better from now on!

I have made you something for your birthday. Unfortunately, there's problems with my internet connection and I can't post it using my lj mobile application. As soon as I could be online again via pc, I will post it. I'm so sorry! :'(

I hope you're having a wonderful birthday, dear. All my best wishes for you! *huggles*

Tags: lj friend: gracerene
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